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Looking for support to grow your business? We have just the solution!

Supported projects
The projects we support must be growth-oriented and profitable. The nature may vary based on where your company is on the development spectrum and which markets you are looking to target:

  • Start-up
  • Merger/acquisition
  • Expansion/modernization
  • Succession planning/business transfer
Entreprises admissibles

Business transfer
Over the past few years, our professionals have been there to provide critical support to entrepreneurs as they hand over the reins of their company to a new owner.

Our team can round out conventional financing with development capital, in the form of debentures or share-capital. For the seller, this means optimal sales revenues without tax penalties. For the purchaser, it means a streamlined acquisition process and the first step toward longer-term business continuity.



At Capital croissance PME, we provide capital and support throughout your company's growth and development.

Financial packages

Financial packages
Financial packages, ranging from $100,000 to $5 million per project, may take the form of a loan, an equity investment or, in some circumstances, a combination of both. The latter fits in somewhere between senior debt status and net equity in a company’s financial structure.

  • Loan
    Loans can appeal to companies looking to keep stock dilution to a minimum. An unsecured loan will generally have a term of three to five years, with flexible repayment terms linked to the company’s forecasts.
  • Equity investment
    In cases in which companies hope for a longer-term financial commitment in particularly growth-oriented projects, the Capital croissance PME fund may invest equity, generally for a five- to eight-year term. A shareholder agreement will be drawn up between the two parties to support the company’s strategic plan, through involvement in its board of directors and access to business networks.

Advisory services

Our team of expert investment managers will support you throughout your company’s growth, regardless of where you are on the development spectrum.

Our team of experts is active in all Québec regions and has an in-depth knowledge of the industrial, manufacturing, service and technology sectors.

Specialized expertise
Our specialized teams work closely with our regional teams to offer you expertise relevant to your needs and aligned with your marketing, product development, cash-flow management and fundraising realities.


We support dynamic, innovative companies operating in growth-driven and profitable sectors with management teams whose acumen and vision make them leaders in their respective markets.

We invest throughout Québec in a wide range of sectors with strong growth potential. Note that our mandate does not extend to natural resource exploration, financial services or real estate.

Investment in development capital: company profile
We invest development capital in companies that have:

  • a skilled, experienced, visionary, dynamic and financially committed management team;
  • a well-defined, ambitious and realistic business plan;
  • shareholders open to the idea of sharing strategic priorities and key decisions with a financial partner;
  • excellent growth potential and access to a far-reaching business development network;
  • a competitive edge (differentiated product or process, favourable market position and/or well-defined niche) and a large market;
  • a product whose technical quality is top-notch and whose intellectual property is protected.

If this sounds like your company, contact us to get a better idea of what development capital can do for you.