The Society adheres to very rigorous security standards. Access to capitalcroissancepme.com is, furthermore, controlled by a firewall. A firewall is a security mechanism that filters attempts to access a Web site in order to head off any unauthorized intrusions. Despite these precautions, you must implement the personal security measures recommended on this site in order to maintain optimal protection when you surf the capitalregional.com site or any other Web site.

Personal security measures

Security icon
Be sure you always surf in a secure environment when transmitting confidential data. When you don’t see a security icon (closed padlock) displayed on your PC or wireless device (if the latter offers this functionality), or when you notice an open padlock, this means the security of any Internet transaction or data transmission cannot be guaranteed and could be intercepted by a third party.


The messages you send via e-mail or to the Contact Us section of the Web site are not, generally speaking, secured during transmission. It is therefore important not to include any personal or confidential information in such messages.

The e-mails you receive can be opened and read by others if you fail to take the necessary precautions. To avoid this, obtain a customized e-mail address linked to a message inbox that can only be accessed with a password or by you alone.

If you are part of a group sharing the same e-mail address (e.g., members of the same family), contact your e-mail services provider to inquire about setting up individual inboxes with separate passwords. A number of service providers offer this option.

Protection of personal information

The Society is keenly aware of the need to protect your security and privacy, particularly in regard to any personal information you provide to the Society while using the Service. We understand personal information to mean any information about you that you provide us voluntarily.

Personal information collected by capitalcroissancepme.com is confidential; only employees authorized to address the requests for which such information is provided have access to personal information. At no time will this information be made public, sold or communicated to third parties without your consent, unless to provide the service to which you have subscribed or to enforce a court order.

Links to outside Web sites

For your convenience, capitalcroissancepme.com proposes links to Web sites or to parts of third-party Web sites. Capital croissance PME has no control over the content and operation of these Web sites nor over their confidentiality practices. Consequently, any personal information you send through these Web sites is subject to their privacy protection policies. It is therefore your responsibility to familiarize yourself with such policies to ensure that your information is protected.